CNVR (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Return)

Our CNVR work is ongoing and we head out every week to catch/pick up more dogs for their life changing sterilisation surgery. Every week we set up and run mass sterilization clinics either at our Spay Centre or at temples and locations in more remote areas.

So far we have sterilised over 13,000 animals, with more than 10,000 being dogs, 70% of which are female. Each year we increase our target and we now aim for 450-500 spay/neuter surgeries each month!

We catch feral stray dogs using sedative darts, traps and swing nets. Read more about our dog catchers here.

Once brought into our clinic, all dogs have their lives transformed for the better with sterilisation surgery, receive rabies vaccines, tick/flea/deworming medicine, nail trimming and get an overall check up before being waking up and being safely returned home. Our doctors are spay/neuter experts and all surgeries are completed with intradermal suture for faster healing, more hygienic practice and safer for dogs returned to the streets.

Surgery costs are sponsored by Soi Dog Foundation however many other costs including cages and equipment, staffing, fuel, food, rent, utilities, cleaning products, medicine, chemotherapy to treat transmittable cancer, vet bills and so much more goes unsponsored and we plead for donations to cover the ever growing costs.

Who we are drives what we do! We’re on a mission to spay!