CNVR (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Return)

Our CNVR work is ongoing and we head out every week to catch/pick up more dogs for their life changing sterilisation surgery. Every week we set up and run mass sterilization clinics either at our Spay Centre or at temples and locations in more remote areas.

We use sedative darts, swing nets and traps to catch feral female dogs who would otherwise go on breeding unwanted puppies to suffer on Thailands streets, however, just because we dart, doesn’t then make our job much easier. Getting the darts prepared, luring the dog into position, aiming correctly, finding the dog after they have ran off and hidden, and then carrying them back to our van and later into the spay site, is just part of the work involved when the team heads out to dart. It’s a tiring, sweaty and very messy work but we do it to prevent more puppies being born to the dangerous streets where they’ll likely only suffer. We do it to better our community.

Read more about our mass spay clinics and ongoing mission here.

Who we are drives what we do! We’re on a mission to spay!