Our care units provide refuge for stray dogs in need of ongoing treatment, medication or wound cleaning. Clean, spacious rooms with comforts, TLC and tasty treats during recovery. Many vets clinics won’t admit stray dogs as they are more feral and can be aggressive, plus vets usually only allocate a cage for dogs which we feel isn’t ideal for the dogs mental health and recovery.

Our 3 care units were built in 2021 and are always full. We always have a list of dogs requiring ongoing treatment such as chemo to treat TVT or mother dogs preparing for birth so we’d really love to build more units so we can care for more stray and feral dogs that others ignore.

All dogs in our care units get a comfortable clean bed changed every 2-3 days, 2 large tasty nutritious meals daily, fresh drinking water, love and play from our animal loving team (for the dogs who enjoy human interaction) and a safe, clean room with scenic views, protected against mosquitos and treated for the conditions. We have found our care units are loved by many dogs who, on occasional, have refused to leave.