Sex: Female
Size: Medium
D.O.B: February 2019
Vaccinations: Due May 2019
Sterilized: Due August 2019

Message from my Mama:
Hello, I’m Chicky! I’m a stray dog surviving in a park in Rayong. I played hard to get with Khun Nina and she wasn’t able to get me sterilized so I ended up with 5 little bears who now rely on me ? The problem is, I struggle to take care of myself and other dogs around here have recently been hurt so I’m really worried for my babies! I really want them to have a good start and a chance to be loved and safe….unlike me
So, I’m asking for adopters to take my little guys into their forever homes and love them unconditionally. Can you? They’d really love that! Please don’t leave them to struggle like I always have.
My puppies are now 3 weeks old and in 2-3 weeks, they’ll be able to fully eat by themselves and I won’t have much milk to feed them all, as they grow quickly!
When old enough, my friends at VetVan will vaccinate and sterilize all the puppies for no cost at their monthly mobile spay clinic. They’re on a mission to spay and create a healthy dog population. You can end suffering.

Don’t shop! Adopt!

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