Sex: Male
Size: Medium-Large
D.O.B: 2014-15
Vaccinated ✅
Sterilized ✅

We have taken care of Roo for a couple of years now. He’s a street dog who we feed daily and is neutered and vaccinated. Hes a very friendly, sociable boy who has many friends and wonders free around the moo ban (housing complex), usually without any issues.
In the past months he’s grown very attached to volunteer Kati and family who are over from Finland for a few months and he began to sleep outside their house guarding and began being very protective of the children. Unfortunately this resulted in him biting a child while protecting his friends.
We became increasingly worried about Roo as people began making threats to remove him from the moo ban and previously their methods for “removing dogs” in this area is poisoning them and causing them agonising deaths! For these reasons we had to act fast and get him to safety.
One of the gardeners has always loved the stray dogs, cared for them and so when she heard about the threats being made to Roo she immediately agreed to taking him to her home where she has other dogs who we sterilized in 2018! So Roo now has a safe place to call home and protect and he will have friends and lots of company always. Good luck Mr Roo!

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