Sex: Female
Size: Medium
D.O.B: December 2018
Vaccinated: ✅
Sterilized: ✅

China is 1 of 6 puppies abandoned by the dangerous temple road with their mama last week. The puppies and mama were moved by our team and fed inside the temple grounds, away from the road but every time Mama heard a saleng she ran to the road hoping it was her owners coming back for her ? Her puppies followed her, running straight out into a dark road where cars and bikes are often seen speeding so we have been locking this family inside an enclosure at night to keep them safe but during the day they must roam free or they scream to get out and the monks will complain.

This family are all well socialised, friendly with people and other dogs and are just adorable! They’ve clearly had people who gave up on them and decided that dumping them on a dark dangerous road was a good idea ? The temple isn’t safe for these babies. They can get out onto busy roads where we have already lost many in the past. We are doing our very best but people abandon these dogs on us without any care of our situation. We don’t have facilities and our homes are already full!

We will cover all vaccinations and sterilization of this entire family and we’re willing to drive them anywhere in Rayong, Chonburi, Bangkok and other local areas for adoption or fostering. We just want them safe and happy. So please, help us get these babies into homes, safety and off the streets!

All have now been vaccinated and Mama, Tina has being spayed.

Don’t shop! Adopt!

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