Sex: Female
Size: Medium
D.O.B: 1st Dec 2018
Vaccinated ✅
Sterilized – Due May 2019

The story of 6 pups:

Not even 3 weeks old, abandoned in the forests on a street off the beach road, without a mother. They scream in hunger, scared and alone. If Khun Ying hadn’t of found these babies they’d of starved to death. Stop dumping puppies! They need their mothers.

We desperately need foster homes for this beautiful litter of 6! They need feeding every few hours and will die on the streets. Help us save them! With donations we can get them into the clinic for checkups and to stay and feed regularly so they can grow strong before being returned to be street/beach dogs like so many others. It’s a cruel, sad reality but we can only do as much as we get supported! We don’t have facilities and work remotely to save animals across Thailand. Your donations make our work possible. Your contributions save lives! Please help us get these babies the help they so desperately need!

More photos can be seen at:

Their story and first photos can be found at:

ลูกหมา 6 ตัวถูกทิ้งเหมือนขยะ ‼️ 6 tiny puppies dumped! Disposed of like trash ‼️ [TH & ENG] Scroll down for English…

Posted by VetVan Thailand on Saturday, December 22, 2018

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