Dot was one of 3 puppies abandoned at the temple in November with weeping eyes and clear signs of sickness. She was treated and feed daily at the temple before a miracle happened for this precious girl.

A lovely lady name K.Pla, has a condominium in Ban Phe and a family home in Minburi.
While at her condo Pla heard about our spay day and headed down to bring in a stray dog that she feeds. Pla told us her story of recently losing 3 puppies she was feeding and trying to help, reporting they had been moved and she didn’t know where they were. Recently, like always, there has been another dumping spree at the temple with 3 new puppies joining just 3 days ago. Pla wanted to adopt 1 puppy and when we took her to see our puppy pack, she cried in happiness to find the 3 puppies she once cared for, were alive and safe. Quickly picking up the beautiful ridgeback girl, Pla began to smile and her eyes filled with tears and happiness as she had found her girl, it was fate! Pla couldn’t risk losing her girl again and quickly took her in the car and headed for her family home to introduce her new baby to her mother.

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