Sex: Male
Size: Medium
D.O.B: 15th Feb 2019
Vaccinated: Due May 2019
Sterilized: Due August 2019

Abandoned! 5 starving puppies in the burning sun. Just 2 weeks old and without their mama.

Angie was informed by the monks at the temple about 5 puppies who had been abandoned in the morning. Angie wasn’t informed until 5pm meaning these poor babies had been laying out in the direct sunlight, hungry and confused all day!

Angie‘s husband rushed to buy milk and water bottles but by the time he had returned 1 has sadly already died due to extreme dehydration and sun stroke. It’s surprising more didn’t die after they day they had to endure.
Being just 2 weeks old, these puppies couldn’t walk and stood no chance of making it outside alone without their mama to feed them every few hours so Henna and Angie each took 2 puppies into their care temporarily.

Please contact us if you’re serious about adopting one of these rescue puppies and giving them a forever home. They are currently located in Ban Phe, Rayong.

Don’t shop! Adopt!

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