Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Born: 2017
Vaccinated ✅
Sterilized ✅

Mercy was abandoned in awful conditions. She was close t death with all her ribs and spine visible, wounds, sores and swollen feet and very little fur left.

She had severe blood parasites and was being eaten by ticks and fleas. Without immediate help this girl would have lost her life. She was petrified of people and anything that moved. She had clearly been abused!

Sh was wearing a very tight leather collar and is a mixed Thai ridgeback. Its clear she ones had an owner who has horribly mistreated her before dumping her on Jazmin door step for her to fix.

Well Jazmin did just that. With weeks of feeding and medication twice daily, this beautiful girl slowly began to trust Jazmin and even started to play. We named her Mercy.

We have no facilities and local dog shelters refused to help in anyway so we couldn’t get Mercy in to treat her but inn just a few weeks, as her confidence grew she stopped running away and allowed Jazmin to take her home.

Mercy has remained with Jazmin since and lives a happy life of luxury. Because of her nervous temperament and fear of Thai men it was decided that it was in Mercys best interest to be adopted into Jazmin’s family where she will live a life of peace and love at last.

Mercy is home!

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