Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Born: 2018
Vaccinated ✅
Sterilized ✅

Leyla was once a victim snatched away for her mother very early and dumped in a box without food or water. Found in a very weak state with 3 siblings, covered in ticks and fleas, weeping eyes, wounds, worms and were extremely hungry!
Well, Leyla will never have to struggle again as she is now adopted to her new family where she will always be loved and safe! ?
Here’s a note from Melinda, Leylas new mummy: We are the blessed and very grateful new family of one of these adorable puppies- Leyla. Leyla has settled into her new home in upstate New York, and now has a loving mom, dad, brother, sister, and kitty cat to call her own! Leyla is a warrior and she is thriving. Her loving, sweet-natured, playful spirit has helped her immediately adjust to our family. We are so thankful to all the people involved in rescuing her and nursing her into good health and bringing her all the way from Thailand to New York.

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