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On a Mission to Spay!

Spay, Medicate, Love, Support, Educate! ทำหมัน รักษา รัก ให้ความรู้



VetVan Thailand are a non-profit Animal Welfare Organization registered by The Royal Thai Ministry of Livestock. We’re on a mission to prevent cruelty, suffering & spay stray dogs & cats to create healthy, controlled animal populations. Providing spay/neuter surgery, medical treatment and support to stray dogs and cats, while rescuing and running our adoption program to give strays better lives and forever homes.

With millions of street animals struggling in silence and a never ending breeding cycle. We here to help by catching, spaying, vaccinating and returning stray animals to create healthy stray dog populations and a lot less suffering.

We run weekly spay clinics and are here to make a bigger difference and work towards an end to Thailands stray animal problem.

Who we are drives what we do!

Our Mission

Targeting some of the most unreachable and local areas, we travel in our van to CNVR stray dogs and cats, provide medical care and outreach support.

Setting up in local areas and traveling to reach me, we sterilise and medicate animals in need of our help. We support temples and locals caring for their animals as many of them are unable to afford needed medical care and/or neutering/spaying. We’re grateful for the care given to their companions, usually brought in off the streets. We feel it’s best to work at the root of the cause and spay locals pets to prevent more unwanted births and support stray animals.

Traveling to home call outs to regularly medicate and support low income households caring for many animals, Jazmin and team educate families on the wellbeing of their companions and encourage spay and neuter.

VetVan often comes across stray dogs and cats in urgent need of care and provides transportation and medical care to ensure the animals needs are met and they recover to full health.

We survey, catch and transport animals to our weekly spay clinics for sterilisation surgery.

We work with local veterinary clinics and organisations to make a bigger difference, fast.

We are on a mission to spay!

VetVan coming the 3rd Time to our area (Ban Phe/NaiRai) to neuter as many female Dogs as possible. thank you Jazmin

ครบรอบ1ปีแล้วคะ ที่เราได้รับเต่างอยมากจากเพจนี้ ขอบคุณทุกๆในvetvan ที่ทำให้ครอบครัวของเราได้รับน้องมาดูแล สุขสันต์วันเกิดให้เต่างอยค่า❤️❤️❤️

Vetvan is amazing! In so many ways, they helped sterilizated some of the dogs from Koh Samed, helped find contact, cage etc for dogs that got adopted to Europe from Samed, gave some medicine and vaccinations, helped with the dogs that got cancer or tvt treatments! Thank you so much ?

Thank you very much For cat sterilization today???

Jazmin and team = You are amazing!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Wonderful doctors and really good people.


Jazmin is really dedicated, I'm sure she will build something great and will just go on helping more and more animals in need. All the best in this fantastic project!

Thoughtless beyond the norm. Passionate to the max. Dedicated to her cause 100% You have my complete admiration. Well done you

Great idea and much needed. Well done Jazmin and her team.


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9 AM – 7 PM Daily

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Contact us at VetVanthailand@gmail.com